LibRaw 0.7.0 Alpha-2

New version avaliable: LibRaw: 0.7.0-Alpha2. Changelog:

  • Fixed bug in add_masked_borders: crash if output dimensions is already larger than raw dimensions
  • Fixed out of bounds in samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp for files with non-square pixels

LibRaw 0.7.0 Alpha-1

New version avaliable: LibRaw: 0.7.0-Alpha1. Changelog:

  • Fixed bug in 0.7.0-a0: black frame size has not reset, so in batch processing there is an error in black frame size for files without black frame.
  • Implemented reading of black/masked pixels data for near all cameras with masked pixels, exclding:
    1. Canon sRAW, Leaf (MOS), Sinar 4-shot - more than one color component in black frame (redesign of black frame data structures required).
    2. Fuji SuperCCD: need to design right methods of extraction (should we rotate and resize black pixels as active ones??)
  • Tested for most dSLR data formats with masked pixels: 7 of 9 untested formats are from old P&S cameras.
  • New call LibRaw::unpack_function_name() returns unpack function name (useful for testers only)
  • New identify sample parameters (useful for test-suite builders to check test coverage):
      -u - print unpack function name
      -f - print masked frame size
    These parameters works only for identify run without -v parameter
  • Imported dcraw 8.89/1.411
      changes in Panasonic FZ50 files parsing


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