LibRaw 0.11.0 Released

LibRaw 0.11.0-Release is available for download and use. It is also updated on GitHub repository.

The most significant changes since 0.10-Release are:

  • Processing pipeline has changed: black level is always subtracted on prostprocessing stage or by special subtract_black() call.
  • Cropping on postprocessing stage implemented.
  • New API call for clearing memory allocated by make_mem_image() call.
  • New iostreams based I/O layer, much faster on some systems (esp. Win32 and Linux).

LibRaw Repository on GitHub

The copy of LibRaw internal SVN repository has been created on GitHub. All changes made to the master branch through Git will be incorporated into the main Subversion repo.

So, if you wish to participate in LibRaw development you may get full sources from GitHub, add your changes, commit, and send us a request to merge your changes into the main source tree; all this using just standard GitHub tools. Also you can report a bug or make a feature request using GitHub interface.


LibRaw 0.11 Beta6

LibRaw 0.11 Beta6 is avaliable for download and testing

Changes are:

  • LibRaw I/O layer is changed again:
    • new LibRaw_bigfile_datastream class for reading big data files.
    • LibRaw::open_file() selects file/bigfile implementation automatically.
  • dcraw_emu sample now has built-in timing (use -d switch) for processing steps performance estimate.
  • several cosmetic fixes.

Feel free to contact us if you have bug reports or suggestions.


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