LibRaw-Lite (LGPL license)

LibRaw-Lite is licensed under LGPL terms and is available for download and use.

This version is slightly lighter than GPL-licensed LibRaw:

  • With LGPL License, you may use unmodified library in non-opensource applications.
  • (Sorry) Foveon support is absent due to dcraw license restrictions.
  • Minor enhancements found in full LibRaw are absent in Lite version:
    • Black (masked) pixels are not extracted from RAW data.
    • It is not possible to control black level subtraction, raw curve processing, zero pixels removal.
    • Color data source (i.e. from camera/from hardcoded constant etc.) is not saved for application use.
    • There is no OpenMP support.

LibRaw 0.7.2

LibRaw 0.7.2 released, changes are:

  • More accurate types conversion in libraw_datastream.h
  • New postprocessing parameter auto_bright_thr: set portion of clipped pixels for auto brightening code (instead of dcraw-derived hardcoded 1%)
  • -U option for dcraw_emu sample sets auto_bright_thr parameter
  • all client code should be recompiled due to structures size change

LibRaw 0.7.2 is available for download on this site download page


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