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LibRaw 0.7.0

LibRaw 0.7.0 released and available on download page.

Major changes since 0.6-release are:

  • Black (masked) pixels data extracted from RAW and avaliable in application.
  • Application can turn off RAW data filtering (black level subtraction, zero pixels removal and raw tone curve).
  • New 'input framework' released. Reading raw data from file and memory buffer supported from scratch. An application that calls LibRaw can implement its own data reading functions (e.g. reading from a network stream).
  • Fuji SuperCCD: raw data extracted without 45-degree rotation.
  • New sample applications: 4channels and unprocessed_raw
  • Imported (in a sequence) new dcraw versions from 8.89 to 8.93 (up to date)

Changes since 0.7-BETA5:

  • Fuji SuperCCD: pixels are rearranged to right color channels during RAW unpack phase (was done at postprocessing stage previously).

LibRaw 0.7.0 is source-level compatible with old 0.6 branch. So, any application can be upgraded via recompile.