LibRaw 0.8.5

LibRaw 0.8.5 available for download

Changes are:

  • Fixed bug in simple_dcraw sample parameters processing
  • Imported dcraw 8.99 (1.432):
    • New cameras: Canon: 1D mk IV, Canon S90; Casio Z750,
      Nikon D3S, Pentax K-x, Sony A-500/550, Fuji S200EXR
    • New color data for Canon G11 and Sony A850
    • Changes in Canon sRAW processing
    • Changes in Kodak metadata processing
    • Changes in uncompressed Fuji files processing (FinePix S5xxx)

LibRaw 0.8.2

LibRaw 0.8.2 available for download

Changes are:

  • Bug fixed in Hasselblad .3FR processing code
  • Imported dcraw 1.428: fixes for incorrect width set for Nikon D3000
  • Enum LibRaw_thumbnail_formats (LIBRAW_IMAGE_*) values changed to
    match values in enum LibRaw_image_formats (LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_*).
    You need to recompile all sources using these constants.

LibRaw 0.8.1

LibRaw 0.8.1 available for download

Changes are:

  • Imported dcraw 8.97/1.427: new cameras: Canon A470, Canon G11 (without color data), Nikon D3000, Olympus E-P1, Panasonic DMC-FZ35/FZ38
  • Fixes for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compatibility
  • C-API libraw_dcraw_make_mem_thumb() call finally exported in API

LibRaw 0.8.0 Release

LibRaw 0.8.0 Release available for download

There are many changes since version 0.7.2, in short:

  • Large RAW files (more than 2Gb) supported.
  • Dcraw 8.86/1.426 imported: 23 new cameras; new color data for many cameras; new unpacking code for several formats.
  • LibRaw API changes: new gamma curve parameters.
  • Some C-API calls are implemented (was missed, but documented).
  • Many minor compatibility/cosmetic changes.


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