LibRaw 0.9 Released

The new LibRaw 0.9 is released after deep beta-testing and avaliable for download.

There are lot of new features.

Licensing change

Bye-bye GPL. Since 0.9-Beta1 LibRaw is triple licensed:

You may choose license you like more from these three.

No separate Lite/Commercial versions

There are no separate LibRaw-Lite and LibRaw-Commercial versions, only single LibRaw.

Current LibRaw-Lite and LibRaw-Commercial users should switch to LibRaw. LibRaw-Lite users will benefit from 'full' LibRaw version (unprocessed raw, access to dark frame data). For LibRaw-Commercial users nothing will change, except version name.

LibRaw-Commercial users may switch from LibRaw Software License to LGPL or CDDL (with notification to LibRaw LLC).

LibRaw-Lite users may switch from LGPL to CDDL or LibRaw Software License.

Bye-Bye Foveon

We're unable to deliver good color quality to Foveon (Sigma cameras) users, sorry.

Due to GPL nature of Foveon processing code (derived from dcraw), we select to drop support of these cameras.

If you're digiKam or darktable user (these RAW processors uses LibRaw) and Sigma camera owner, you have several options to consider:

  • Switch to Sigma Pro Photo software. May be Sigma may deliver good color to own users.
  • Switch to RawTherapee, this software supports Foveon.
  • Use digiKam/darktable/other LibRaw-using software, but with LibRaw version prior to 0.9.

More new features

Per-channel maximum calculation and automatic maximum adjusting on postprocessing stage. This feature should fix 'ping clouds problem' and other channel overflow-related problems.

New COLOR(row,column) call, replaces old FC(row,col) call and works correctly with Fuji SuperCCD files (see bugfixes section for details).


  • Fixed typecast error in Canon CRW files processing (reported only on gcc 4.2.1/32bit).
  • Fixed inconsistency in Fuji Super-CCD processing:
    • DNGs, produced by Adobe DNG Converter from Fuji RAFs are processed correctly.
    • Access to unprocessed RAW data from Fuji files generalized, so same code may be used for all Bayer-pattern sensors (see unprocessed_raw sample for details).
    • Several small fixes related to OpenMP support.