LibRaw 0.5.4

LibRaw 0.5.4 released. Changes are:

  • Imported support for six new cameras from latest dcraw 8.87.
    Cameras are: Canon 1000D, A720, SD300;
    Nikon D700, Olympus E-520,Kodak C603.
  • Mmaped I/O changed back to buffered FILE I/O. Mmap() uses more memory without significant performance advantages.
  • Licensing changed to 'GNU GPL v2 or later' (from 'GNU GPL v3 or later').

Your can always download latest LibRaw version from this site's download page.

LibRaw 0.5.3

Dave Coffin has released several bugfixes for dcraw 8.86:

  • workaround for too large jpeg thumbnails in Foveon files
  • workaround for out of range data in ljpeg-compressed files

All these changes are imported into LibRaw 0.5.3


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