LibRaw 0.6.0 Beta1

LibRaw 0.6.0 Beta1 has lot of changes:

  • Calls added: dcraw_make_mem_image() and dcraw_make_mem_thumb(). These calls are used for make 3-component RGB bitmap (rotated and so on) for later use in user application.
    Sample usage: samples/mem_image.cpp
  • Added gamma-corrected 16-bit output.
  • Added input/output ICC profiles via LCMS library.
  • Added bad pixels map support (similar to dcraw)
  • Added dark frame subtraction (similar to dcraw)
  • samples/dcraw_emu supporrs icc profiles, bad pixels map and dark frame subtracton.
  • New processing stages (in progress_flags): LIBRAW_PROGRESS_BAD_PIXELS LIBRAW_PROGRESS_DARK_FRAME
  • Bug in adjust_sizes_info_only() fixed
  • Supported camera list calls: cameraList()/cameraCount()
  • LibRaw version info calls: version(), versionNumber(), LIBRAW_CHECK_VERSION().
  • Callback functions interface changes: calling application may supply pointer to private callback data section. If so, callbacks will be called with this pointer passed.
  • Added callback calls for progress indication and fast processing termination.
  • OpenMP support on Unix (gcc) systems. Up to 30% speedup on 2-core machines.

Your can always download latest LibRaw version from this site's download page.