LibRaw 0.10.0

LibRaw 0.10.0 is avaliable at download area.

Changes list:

  • Imported dcraw versions 9.01-9.04 (1.434-1.438):
    • Separate black levels for each color channel.
    • Changes in tiff metadata parser.
    • New cameras: Canon SX20 and 550D, Nikon D3s, Olympus E-P2, Panasonic GF1, G2 and G10, Samsung EX1, NX-10 and WB550, Sony A450, NEX-3 and NEX-5, Casio EX-Z1050, Fuji HS10/HS11, Kodak Z981, Phase One P65.
    • Color data changed for some cameras
    • Fixed file descriptor leak in dark frame subtraction processing
  • Small patch in Sony ARW2 unpacking code to make valgrind happy
  • New command-line switch -h in mem_image sample (half_size support)
  • Some patches by Johannes Hanika (darktable author):
    • OpenMP speedup for PPG-interpolation
    • green_matching - suppress of 'color maze' on cameras with different green channels. This option is controlled by the field with the respective name in imgdata.params
  • all client code should be recompiled due to structures size change
  • LibRaw::free() is now public instead of private.

Feel free to contact developers if you have any questions, problems or bug reports.