LibRaw 0.8 Beta 3

LibRaw 0.8 Beta3 is avaliable for download
Most important changes since LibRaw-0.7 are:

  • API and default behavior are changed: gamma-conversion and output pixel bit-witdth are completely separated
    • Gamma curve is set via params.gamm[0] (inverted gamma value) и params.gamm[1] (slope of initial linear part). Defaults are set according to rec. BT.709 values: 2.2222 and 4.5.
    • Output bit-witdth (8/16 bits per pixel) is set via params.output_bps.
    • params.gamma_16bit eliminated.

    Major version number is changed (and beta stage entered) because of defaults change: we expect more parameters attention for 'beta'-software.

  • dcraw 8.94 (1.423) imported, so many new cameras supported (see list in changelog), some RAW unpacking routines changed, some cosmetic changes added (e.g. there is no black level subtraction for Canon cameras for params.document_mode=2).
  • LibRaw is tested on large set of RAW files, results are bitwise identical to current dcraw 8.94

You can download LibRaw 0.8 Beta3 on this page