LibRaw 0.12 Beta1

LibRaw 0.12 Beta1 is available in download area.

This version introduces several major features:

  • Support of additional 'demosaic packs' distributed separately with different licensing. Two demosaic packs are ready:
    • Demosaic-pack-GPL2: AFD and LMMSE implementations from PerfectRaw; VCD, Modified AHD, VCD+AHD and two modified median filters from 'Modified DCRAW' by Paul Lee.
    • Demosaic-pack-GPL3: AMaZE interpolation and color aberration removal from RawTherapee
  • DCB demosaic and FBDD denoise by Jacek Gozdz are included into main LibRaw source.
  • LCMS2 support
  • New ./configure based on GNU autotools

We're interested in feedback so please try this version.