LibRaw 0.15.0-Beta4

LibRaw 0.15 Beta4 changes:

  • Fixed possible buffer overrun when RawSpeed library used
  • Added new C++ API Call LibRaw::recycle_datastream(), C API call
    libraw_recycle_datastream() and new errorcode LIBRAW_INPUT_CLOSED
    for unpack/unpack_thumb() calls.

    These new API calls may be used to free file handle (and associated
    file buffer) if your application will not call unpack*() on this
    LibRaw handle, so file may be unlocked.

  • Support for Imacon Ixpress 39Mpix Multi-shot files

LibRaw 0.15.0-Beta2

  • Preliminary support for new cameras:
    • Canon: G15, S110, SX50
    • Fujifilm: F800EXR, XF1
    • Nikon: 1 J2, 1 V2, D600
    • Olympus: E-PL5, E-PM2
    • Panasonic: FZ200, GH3, LX7
    • Pentax: K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-30, Q10
    • Sony: SLT-A99, NEX-5R, NEX-6
  • LibRaw::subtract_black() return type is now integer. Function returns errorcode according to libraw error conversion.
  • New processing stage LIBRAW_PROGRESS_RAW2_IMAGE (this flag is set by LibRaw::raw2image() call)
    - not really a warning, but information that RawSpeed library was used for image decoding.
  • imgdata.rawdata.color_image is now split to two pointers:
    - ushort (*)[3] color3_image for 3-component RAW images (color DNGs, sRAW)
    - ushort (*)[4] color4_image for 4-component color raws (Sinar 4shot, Kodak RAWs and so on).
  • imgdata.idata.sizes.raw_pitch is now in *bytes* This value should be used for access rows in imgdata.rawdata.*_image buffers.
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LibRaw 0.15.0-Beta1

LibRaw 0.15 Beta1 is available for download.

Changes since Alpha4:

  • Corrected D800E visible area
  • Support for DNGs made from Fuji X-Pro1 RAWs
  • updated RawSpeed's camera list to r479
  • Win32/C-API: libraw_open_wfile/libraw_open_wfile_ex() calls
  • New warning flag LIBRAW_WARN_RAWSPEED_UNSUPPORTED, this bit in process_warnings is set (with LIBRAW_WARN_RAWSPEED_PROBLEM) if RawSpeed's checkSupported() fails.
  • Disabled RawSpeed processing of several RAW formats (incorrectly unpacked)

LibRaw 0.15.0-Alpha4

LibRaw 0.15-Alpha4 introduces a lot of changes:
  • Alpha-quality (i.e. untested) RawSpeed library support ( Decoding (LibRaw::unpack()) of supported formats is 1.5-3x times faster.
  • OpenMP speedup for linear interpolation
  • Disabled decoding JPEG (lossy DNG) data from memory buffer for libjpeg version less than 8. Use -DUSE_JPEG8 if your jpeg is v8+
  • hotspots moved to virtual functions
  • is_phaseone_compressed() call
  • PhaseOne RAWs: for user-specified black level(s) black subtraction works as expected.
  • ABI and API changed, all programs using 0.15-Alpha1-3 should be recompiled!

More on RawSpeed support:

LibRaw 0.15.0-Alpha3

LibRaw 0.15-Alpha3 is avaliable for download and testing. Changes are:
  • Backported improvements from LibRaw 0.14:
    • fast LJPEG decoder
    • OpenMP support for PPG and AHD interpolations and wavelet denoising
    • OpenMP support in raw2image_ex() call
    • LCMS1 compatibility patches
    • Better way to set compiler flags in Makefile.msvc
  • ABI changed, all programs using 0.15-Alpha2 should be recompiled!

LibRaw 0.15.0-Alpha1

First public LibRaw 0.15 Alpha is available: LibRaw 0.15.0 Alpha1.

This version is provided to get developers' feedback (e.g. someone uses dropped document mode processing) and for testing purposes. Some features of 0.14 are missing and will be available in the next Alpha (see TODO section below).

Alpha1 is tested under Unix and Windows with usual large testing subset (about 350 RAW files). Changelog:

LibRaw 0.14.7

LibRaw 0.14.7 available for download:
  • Imported dcraw 9.15 (1.449):
    • New cameras supported: Canon 5D Mark III, G1 X, 1D X and Powershot SX200; Nikon D4,D800/D800E and D3200; Fuji X-S1 and HS30EXR; Casio EX-Z8; Olympus E-M5; Panasonic GF5; Sony NEX-F3, SLT-A37 and SLT-A57; Samsung NX20 and NX210;
    • Support for updated Samsung NX200 firmware.
  • Makefile.msvc: easy additional compiler flag editing.


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