LibRaw 0.15.0-Beta2

LibRaw 0.15-Beta2 is available for download and testing.


  • Preliminary support for new cameras:
    • Canon: G15, S110, SX50
    • Fujifilm: F800EXR, XF1
    • Nikon: 1 J2, 1 V2, D600
    • Olympus: E-PL5, E-PM2
    • Panasonic: FZ200, GH3, LX7
    • Pentax: K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-30, Q10
    • Sony: SLT-A99, NEX-5R, NEX-6
  • LibRaw::subtract_black() return type is now integer. Function returns errorcode according to libraw error conversion.
  • New processing stage LIBRAW_PROGRESS_RAW2_IMAGE (this flag is set by LibRaw::raw2image() call)
    - not really a warning, but information that RawSpeed library was used for image decoding.
  • imgdata.rawdata.color_image is now split to two pointers:
    - ushort (*)[3] color3_image for 3-component RAW images (color DNGs, sRAW)
    - ushort (*)[4] color4_image for 4-component color raws (Sinar 4shot, Kodak RAWs and so on).
  • imgdata.idata.sizes.raw_pitch is now in *bytes* This value should be used for access rows in imgdata.rawdata.*_image buffers.
  • Enabled RawSpeed processing for non-bayer DNGs and sRAW.
    Note: there is a bug in RawStudio r499, 3-color (linear) uncompressed DNGs are read incorrectly. Filed to RawStudio bugzilla Use RawSpeed/rawspeed.uncompressed-color-dng.patch until this bug is not fixed in main RawSpeed source repository.
  • Removed OpenMP support for linear interpolation because of problems on some compilers.
  • Disabled wchar_t * interface if LibRaw compiled by MinGW because no wchar_t strings in MinGW STL
  • ABI and API changed, all programs using 0.15-Beta1 and older should be recompiled!