LibRaw 0.7.0 Alpha-0

New version avaliable: LibRaw: 0.7.0-Alpha0.

'Most important release since 0.6' (or, maybe, since first public version). Althought many thinks are still 'work in progress', there is more new important features here:

  1. It is possible to turn off mandatory data filtering (black level calculation and subtraction; zero pixels removal). This is supported for most cameras, exceptions are Foveon-based cameras and PhaseOne backs.
    Without mandatory filtering it is possible to create RAW-analysis tools and, also, custom black-subtraction routines.
  2. Black frame (masked pixels) data is avaliable for some cameras (Canons, DNG, compressed NEFs; this list to be extended). So, it is possible to calculate noise characteristics (including per-channel noise estimation) and/or custom black level calculation routines.
  3. New sample, unprocessed_raw, demonstrates features described above. This sample makes 16-bit gray TIFF from RAW-file. If black mask extraction supported for particular camera, then mask will be included into output file.
    This utility is much more useful for RAW analysis goals than dcraw -D -1 (grin).

    You can see more details in changelog and documentation.

    This version avaliable for download at usual place.