LibRaw 0.7.0 Alpha-3

New version available: LibRaw: 0.7.0-Alpha3

This version is focused on PhaseOne and Fujifilm files processing. Many changes introduced, including:

  • PhaseOne:
    • Ability to turn off tone curve processing of raw data. Supported only on PhaseOne, support for other relevant cameras is planned with next LibRaw versions.
    • Fixed black level subtraction bug for PhaseOne data (derived from dcraw sources).
    • Separate black level data (read from RAW file) available in user-visible data structures for PhaseOne.
  • Fujifilm
    • Fujifilm RAW processing is changed internally: RAW data is not rotated and available as is in image bitmap (rotation performed on postprocessing stage).
    • Masked pixels data extracted for Fuji files. So, masked pixels are read for all bayer-data cameras.
  • Overall changes:
    • Imported dcraw 8.90/1.414: added support for Samsung S85, some old format files processing changes.
    • Some changes in samples.

See Changelog for more detailed explanation.

This version available for download at usual place.