Fuji X-T100 incorrect image size

Image size from Fuji XT-100 is 6000*4000. But LibRaw 0.19.3 unpacks them as 40*800.

Sequator has the same problem (uses 0.91.2)

Latest RawTherapee gets it right (but they don't use LibRaw AFAIK)

PS why do you keep changing my my password?


1) We do not change your

1) We do not change your password (AFAIK)
2) Is there X-T100 in 0.19 supported camera list?

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

No, the X-T100 isn't in the

No, the X-T100 isn't in the list of cameras embedded in the code, but then neither is the X-T3 which you do support ...

But on the other hand it was in the list of supported cameras for the 1903 snapshot, so *should* be in 0.19.3 ???


David Partridge

I had assumed (apparently

I had assumed (apparently incorrectly) that as 0.19.3 was months after the snapsot that it included the snapshot code. When will the X-t100 be supported please?

David Partridge

When do you/will you add new

When do you/will you add new camera support to the stable branch? When do you expect to add the support for the X-T100, as at least some of my user base made the same incorrect assumption that 0.19.3 included the 201903 support.

David Partridge

X-T100 is supported in

X-T100 is supported in current public snapshot.

There is no plans for LibRaw 0.20 this year.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC