Question about auto_scale

What did auto_scale did in the postprocessing?

For example,
im2 = raw.postprocess(use_camera_wb=True, half_size=True, no_auto_bright=True,no_auto_scale=False, output_bps=16)
im1 = raw.postprocess(use_camera_wb=True, half_size=True, no_auto_bright=True,no_auto_scale=True, output_bps=16)

The only difference is no_auto_scale. Is there anyway that I can manually scale im1 so that it becomes the same as im2?

Thanks a lot!


no_auto_scale completely

no_auto_scale completely disables LibRaw::scale_colors() step

This is not intended for common image processing using dcraw_process, this option is special-purpose

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thank you so much! Is there

Thank you so much! Is there any way that I can scale the colors manually, to make the above two images the same?

Also, what does auto_bright exactly do? You said in some post that it changes the histogram to make the image brighter. Is it histogram equalization on the output sRGB image?


1) To disable auto

1) To disable auto-brightening of images:
- set params.no_auto_bright to 1
- set params.adjust_maximum_thr to 0.0 (in this case, for some cameras you may need to set params.user_sat /white point/ manually to avoid pink tint in highlights)

Afterh that, images (with same exposure) will be processed with same data maximum and no automatic brightening.

2) To adjust brightness (at output stage) use params.bright to some value above 1.0

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC


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