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LibRaw 0.17-Alpha1

After approximately one year of continuous development LibRaw became stable enough to receive a new version number.

LibRaw 0.17 (Alpha1), available at download page:

  • More metadata parsing/extraction:
    • XMP packet extracted (if exists)
    • DNG Color information parsed
    • GPS data (partially) parsed
    • EXIF/Makernotes parsed for used optics (for both RAW files and DNG converted by Adobe convertor).
  • Exif/Makernotes parser callback (called for each processed tag)
  • Sony ARW2.3 decoder:

    LibRaw 0.16 Release

    LibRaw 0.16-Release changes (since 0.15.x):
    • Support for new cameras:
      • Baumer TXG14
      • Blackmagic Cinema
      • Canon EOS 70D, C500, S120, G16
      • Fujifilm X-M1, X-A1, XE2, XQ1
      • Hasselblad Lunar, Stellar
      • Leica C, X VARIO
      • Nikon D5200, P7800, D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
      • Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
      • Olympus E-P5,E-M1, STYLUS1
      • OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
      • Panasonic LF1, GX7, GF6, GM1
      • Pentax K-50, K-500, Q7,K-3
      • Richon GR
      • Samsung NX300, NX1100, NX2000, Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)

    LibRaw 0.16 Beta1

    LibRaw 0.16-Beta1 changes:

    • 12 new cameras supported
    • Color data updated for 4 cameras
    • Correct visible image area for small and medium sized Sigma pre-Merrill cameras and for Canon G16
    • Better EXIF parsing for Nikon cameras.
    • More correct EXIF color data extraction for Olympus cameras
    • Better compatibility with old Visual Studio compilers.
    • Corrected Cmake rules for MinGW builds

    LibRaw 0.16 Alpha3

    LibRaw 0.16-Alpha3:

    • Support for new cameras:
      • Sony A7, A7R
      • Panasonic GM1
    • Sony RX1R and RX100M2 color data updated.
    • Sony cameras model name is set by SonyModelID EXIF tag
    • Sony ARW2: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF data
    • Samsung: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF;
      Camera multipliers are now extracted correctly even if black is not 0
    • Better source compatibility with Mac OS X compilation
    • Better source compatibility with Win32 compilation
    • DNG without Compression tag assumed uncompressed
    • Better X3F-tools based Foveon support:
      • new Foveon metadata parser based on X3F-tools. So, if LibRaw compiled
        without demosaic-pack-GPL2, then no dcraw Foveon code used.
      • Support for Medium resolution RAWs from DPx Merrill and SD1 cameras.
        RAW data extracted as is (4800x1600 pixels), aspect ratio is set to
        0.5, so these RAWs are processed to full-size 4800x3200 RGB.
      • Support for Foveon thumbnail extraction. Only JPEG and bitmap
        thumbnails extracted, but 'foveon' (RAW) thumbnails are really not used
        in production cameras.
      • New imgdata.params.force_foveon_x3f flag
        Forces use of x3f-tools based code for Foveon processing if LibRaw
        compiled with demosaic-pack-GPL2 (and does nothing if LibRaw compiled
        without this pack).
        New flag -disadcf added to dcraw_emu sample to use this flag.
      • LibRaw do not calls exit() on broken Foveon files.
    • API/ABI changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.

    LibRaw 0.16-Alpha2

    LibRaw 0.16-Alpha2 available:
    • Support for 11 new cameras.
    • Updated color data for Samsung NX300, Sony RX1R and Sigma cameras
    • Image dimensions table for Foveon cameras (only if non-GPL2 foveon decoder used)
    • Fixed memory leak in x3f-tools code (new Foveon decoder)
    • Fixed DHT-demosaic incompatibility with MS VisualStudio in OpenMP directives
    • Additional image size checks.

    LibRaw 0.16-Alpha1

    LibRaw 0.16-Alpha1 with a lot of changes is available.

    Changes are:

    • Support for 19 new cameras.
    • Support for Foveon sensor based on X3F code by Roland Karlsson
    • API Changes:
      • New parameters in imgdata.params:
      • New Fuji X-Trans handling:
      • LibRaw::setCancelFlag() - use for fast decoder termination
      • LibRaw_abstract_datastream::make_byte_buffer() call is not needed more.
      • Two new demosaic methods
      • New C-API call libraw_COLOR(libraw_data_t *t, int row,int col) (so LibRaw::COLOR(row,col) exposed to C-API users)
      • Removed faster lossless jpeg decoder ported from RawSpeed library some years ago. Build LibRaw with RawSpeed to get fast decoding.
      • Fixed decoding error for some Canon sRAW files.
      • Disabled RawSpeed's bad pixel processing if RawSpeed used.
      • EOS M and EOS 70D added to unique Canon ID table
      • Canon EOS model name normalized by unique ID table
      • Backported 0.15.4 input data checks
      • Support for CMake builds
      • Updated RawSpeed supported camera list
      • Internals changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.


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