LibRaw 0.16 Alpha3

LibRaw 0.16-Alpha3:

  • Support for new cameras:
    • Sony A7, A7R
    • Panasonic GM1
  • Sony RX1R and RX100M2 color data updated.
  • Sony cameras model name is set by SonyModelID EXIF tag
  • Sony ARW2: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF data
  • Samsung: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF;
    Camera multipliers are now extracted correctly even if black is not 0
  • Better source compatibility with Mac OS X compilation
  • Better source compatibility with Win32 compilation
  • DNG without Compression tag assumed uncompressed
  • Better X3F-tools based Foveon support:
    • new Foveon metadata parser based on X3F-tools. So, if LibRaw compiled
      without demosaic-pack-GPL2, then no dcraw Foveon code used.
    • Support for Medium resolution RAWs from DPx Merrill and SD1 cameras.
      RAW data extracted as is (4800x1600 pixels), aspect ratio is set to
      0.5, so these RAWs are processed to full-size 4800x3200 RGB.
    • Support for Foveon thumbnail extraction. Only JPEG and bitmap
      thumbnails extracted, but 'foveon' (RAW) thumbnails are really not used
      in production cameras.
    • New imgdata.params.force_foveon_x3f flag
      Forces use of x3f-tools based code for Foveon processing if LibRaw
      compiled with demosaic-pack-GPL2 (and does nothing if LibRaw compiled
      without this pack).
      New flag -disadcf added to dcraw_emu sample to use this flag.
    • LibRaw do not calls exit() on broken Foveon files.
  • API/ABI changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.