Canon CR3 Support


When will LibRaw release an update and support Canon CR3? Support soon would be appreciated. Why is it taking so long to release an update?



We plan to release new public

We plan to release new public snapshot this Fall.

It is takes time to test/check new decoders/new formats in every aspect.

-- Alex Tutubalin

Fuji GFX100

Hello, are there any news about Fuji GFX100?
(I guess, my letters got to a spam, so I'm duplicating my questions here).

То be included in next

То be included in next snapshot.

I've answered to your E-mail message about GFX100 on Fri, 6 Sep 2019.

-- Alex Tutubalin

Fuji GFX100

the question is if the dates are still valid (the end of October?): the sooner we get the support the better