LibRaw 0.16-Alpha1

LibRaw 0.16-Alpha1 with a lot of changes is available.

Changes are:

  • Support for new cameras:
    • Baumer TXG14
    • Blackmagic Cinema
    • Canon EOS 70D, C500
    • Fujifilm X-M1
    • Nikon D5200
    • Olympus E-P5,E-M1
    • OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
    • Panasonic LF1, GX7, GF6
    • Richon GR
    • Samsung NX300, NX1100, NX2000
    • Sony RX100II, RX1R, NEX-3N
  • Support for Foveon sensor based on X3F code by Roland Karlsson.
    The code uses BSD-like license, so included in main LibRaw code. No 'foveon intepolation', so no way to get good colors from old Sigma cameras (SD9, SD14, Polaroid x530). For modern Foveon cameras one may try to create ICC profile (not supplied).
    Old foveon_*_load_raw (from dcraw) code is used if compiled with LIBRAW_DEMOSAIC_PACK_GPL2
  • API Changes:
    • New parameters in imgdata.params:
      • imgdata.params.no_interpolation - disables interpolation step in LibRaw::dcraw_process() call.
      • imgdata.params.no_auto_scale - disables call to scale_colors() in LibRaw::dcraw_process() call.
      • imgdata.params.sraw_ycc - disables Canon sRAW YCbCr to RGB conversion in LibRaw::unpack() call (use for RAW analyzers
    • New Fuji X-Trans handling:
      • imgdata.iparams.filters value is now 9 for Fuji X-Trans (instead of 2)
      • imgdata.iparams.xtrans[6][6] matrix contains row/col to color mapping for Fuji X-Trans sensor.
    • LibRaw::setCancelFlag() - use for fast decoder termination
    • LibRaw_abstract_datastream::make_byte_buffer() call is not needed more.
    • New demosaic code: DHT Demosaic by Anton Petrusevich Set params.user_qual=11 to use.
    • New demosaic code: Modified AHD Demosaic by Anton Petrusevich Set params.user_qual=12 to use.
    • New C-API call libraw_COLOR(libraw_data_t *t, int row,int col) (so LibRaw::COLOR(row,col) exposed to C-API users)
  • Removed faster lossless jpeg decoder ported from RawSpeed library some years ago. Build LibRaw with RawSpeed to get fast decoding.
  • Fixed decoding error for some Canon sRAW files.
  • Disabled RawSpeed's bad pixel processing if RawSpeed used.
  • EOS M and EOS 70D added to unique Canon ID table
  • Canon EOS model name normalized by unique ID table
  • Backported 0.15.4 input data checks
  • Support for CMake builds
  • Updated RawSpeed supported camera list
  • Internals changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.