Canon R6 mark II CR3s converted to FITS incorrectly

Originally, I found this problem using Siril.

I reproduced it using dcraw_emu.exe directly using LibRaw-0.21.2-Win64 (downloaded today, Mar 28, 2024).
To view the source and destination images, I use FastImage Viewer, and Adobe Photoshop.

1. Take sequence of CR3 raw (not cRAW) images of while flat backround using Canon R6 mark II just holdiong the button. All the camera settings and image pramaters are exactly the same.
Say, we took KM1A2297.CR3 and KM1A2298.CR3 . Both 6000 x 4000.
2. Do convert them to TIFF using
dcraw_emu.exe -T KM1A2297.CR3
dcraw_emu.exe -T KM1A2298.CR3
and get KM1A2297.CR3.tiff and KM1A2298.CR3.tiff
3. See that :
* KM1A2297.CR3.tiff is of 5999 x 3999 and looks OK.
* KM1A2297.CR3.tiff is of 6188 x 4120 and looks weird (it is not white at all, and the are regions of different colors instead of being just white)

Expected result:
KM1A2297.CR3.tiff must be of 5999 x 3999 and be just white but its not.
Here are the discribed files:

Please fix this in the library to it converts CR3 files without damaging the image. Thanks!

PS Canon R6m2 is not on list of the supported cameras. It looks like it writes something dirrefent than Canon R6. Please make Canon R6m2 supported by your great lib!
PPS Please let me know if you need more examples of CR3 files of Canon R6m2. I will send as many as you need and may take part in beta testing.

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>> 1st: R6 Mark II is not

>> 1st: R6 Mark II is not supported yet
I know and I mentioned in my original post

I do not doubt that libraw will support R6 Mark II sooner or later that is why I am ready to provide sample files and take part in testing if needed.

>> 2nd: your 2298 file is damaged
Probably it is and there are many other files from my R6m2 damanged in same way.
I mention "probably" because it looks strange:
* other software (DXO PureRaw, Adobe Photoshop, FastStone Image Viewer) works with this file fine
* I took and processed thousands of images from this camera already and I got no issues until I tried to take astro images and load in into Siril
* I have many more samples of random files from the camera that are "damaged" (and could be processed fine with other software).

So, let me know if you need file samples.

Please check with Adobe DNG

Please check with Adobe DNG Converter and select files that processed OK by this program, but damaged in LibRaw.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC