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>> 1st: R6 Mark II is not

>> 1st: R6 Mark II is not supported yet
I know and I mentioned in my original post

I do not doubt that libraw will support R6 Mark II sooner or later that is why I am ready to provide sample files and take part in testing if needed.

>> 2nd: your 2298 file is damaged
Probably it is and there are many other files from my R6m2 damanged in same way.
I mention "probably" because it looks strange:
* other software (DXO PureRaw, Adobe Photoshop, FastStone Image Viewer) works with this file fine
* I took and processed thousands of images from this camera already and I got no issues until I tried to take astro images and load in into Siril
* I have many more samples of random files from the camera that are "damaged" (and could be processed fine with other software).

So, let me know if you need file samples.