Canon CR3 file - returning wrong image size?

Canon Ra camera with CR3 files is not cropping the right / bottom off the sensor data correctly.

exiftool reports:
Sensor Width : 6888
Sensor Height : 4546
Sensor Left Border : 156
Sensor Top Border : 58
Sensor Right Border : 6875
Sensor Bottom Border : 4537

returned image is 4498 x 6742
but it should be 4480 x 6720

it looks like right / bottom border values are not being picked up. If I crop 22 from right and 18 from bottom I get an image that matches the image from other apps and the camera's own jpeg version.

6875+1 - 156 => 6720
6888 - 156 => 6732

I am on version 0.20.2, but there doesn't seem to be anything in changelog for 0.21 that might fix this

dcraw-emu generates output files that demonstrate this


But this extracts outside the visible sensor area.......

OK I can fix it like that but surely it should return the "visible" sensor area?

It is cropping off the left / top sensor margin correctly, why return the invalid data from the right/bottom margin?

We do not have sample files

We do not have sample files from EOS Ra camera (so this camera not listed as 'supported'), could you please provide several ones?

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks for looking into that

Thanks for looking into this so quickly, I still think the crop should match the metadata in the file, then the returned data would match the jpeg the camera produces as well as other apps etc. but as you say, there is real picture info there, and the choice is yours!