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Simply quoting that one

Simply quoting that one sentence from the Reichmann article is out of context with the rest of the article and the concept of ETTR.

Read the entire Reichmann article in context and the concept involes pushing things to the right, not to the left; and this should be done for scenes and camera settings where it makes sense to do so.

Why not post the original image used to produce the data for this article and then everyone will be in a better position to make a judgement on the value of the information it conveys. At this stage, I have serious doubts because the article above seems to be aimed at proving the incorrectness of a single, poorly written statement within the context of a different concept.

To me it is easy to blindly protect highlights causing underxposure, even when those highlights are for example specular and should be blown out if a scene is capture properly. Simply shifting things left to protect specular highlights is not an application of the concept of ETTR. So why not post the image so that we can make an assessment of the value of the information.

Overall, nice site and some useful information here, but some of it seems like a little bit of smoke and mirrors.