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1st: We do not have donation

1st: We do not have donation link (yet). One could buy our software (RawDigger or FastRawVewer or bundle)

2nd: does dcraw_emu -r 2 1 3 1 results in different WB? If so, please start with samples/half_mt.c sample (it also uses C-API) with this additional lines below line ~80:

iprc->params.user_mul[0] = 2;
iprc->params.user_mul[2] = 3;
iprc->params.user_mul[1] =
iprc->params.user_mul[3] = 1;

This should result into bluish output.
(Note: you do not need libraw_raw2image if libraw_dcraw_process is used)

3rd: to use 'raw colors' set params.output_color to 0, this will disable camera color matrix use.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC