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Affinity Photo & LibRAW combined import issue

deejjjaaaa: yes, you're right, that link was one of about 20+ ongoing posts since December 2019 on the Affinity Photo support forum.

Alex: I apologize, as I can only trust what the authoritative people each tell me, and Affinity (as clearly as they seem to be able to) say they have escalated this to LibRaw, and that it is a LibRaw issue, having nothing to do with them. Pretty well the same as LibRaw feels it is not in their power to remedy this, but rather Affinity's.

Since I seem to have a "he said - he said' issue, would you be kind enough to provide any constructive steps to isolate whom I can work with to resolve this?

There's a good number of users for these 5 cameras with the same issues, and since this sensor's image processing works similarly to prior models, it might hopefully be something reproducible. I've lost nearly a year and a half unsuccessfully trying to obtain support on this one issue from Affinity, so anything that 'moves the needle forward' will be hugely appreciated!

All my best,