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Cannot do "Native Building" using LibRaw-0.15.0-Alpha1

I could build the .lib, .dll and samples using LibRaw-0.14.7 by following the instructions of "Windows: Native Building". However when I tried to do the same thing using LibRaw-0.15.0-Alpha1, I got an error saying that

"cl.exe /EHsc /MP /MT /I. /DWIN32 /O2 /W0 /nologo /DUSE_JPEG /I..\jpeg-8d /DLIBRAW_BUILDLIB /Fo"object\\dcraw_common.obj" /c internal\dcraw_common.cpp
.\internal/defines.h(58) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'jpeglib.h': No such file or directory"

Does anyone know why??