Sigma X3F support

I have just did some testing with my Photoslide app and recognized that I cannot open X3F file. During my forum search I found out that this should be possible with the first 0.20.2.

Do I have to enable some special flags during building to enable the Sigma X3F support ?

Thank you in advance.

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Now offical build of Photoslide is supported by libraw


Thank you for the hint and I

Thank you for the hint and I have seen this but cannot find the place in the makefile where to place USE_X3FTOOLS.

Can you help me out ?
Thank you in advance.

I do not know what build

I do not know what build method you use (providede makefiles, or configure, or qmake pro files, there are many)

Add -DUSE_X3FTOOLS to C and C++ compiler flags

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

I am using the proposed one

I am using the proposed one from the documenation with ./configure and make. I have modified the makefile but it have not helped. Can I specify it as an option for the ./configure or how can I use ./configure and enable X3F support ?

something like

something like

(still know nothing about your environment, so just a proposal, adjust it according to your specific environment/toolset/etc)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thank you for your help. Now

Thank you for your help and you so much! Now it is working as expected and the images are loading.

Build environment was OSX 10.15 with XCode and gcc,g++ installed via homebrew. But I will now compile it for Linux under Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 as well.

My library librawfx ( is an extension for the JavaFX library to add RAW image support.