Problem opening IIQ files


I have been using libRaw 0.15.4 (Windows 32bit) in my application since 4 years. Recently, we received some CR2, NEF and IIQ files that libRaw 0.15.4 was not able to process correctly (strange colors rendering or errors on opening). I decided to upgrade to a recent version of libRaw, so I tried libRaw 0.18.15 and 0.18.16 and it seems that most problems have gone away except some IIQ files that cannot be opened (while libRaw 0.15.4 worked well on these files).

I try to open these files with this simple code :

LibRaw rawProcessor;
in result;

result = rawProcessor.open_file(path_to_myfile);
if (result != LIBRAW_SUCCESS) {
// display error and stop
fprintf(stderr, "%s", libraw_strerror(result));
fprintf(stderr, "%s", strerror(result));
else {
// continue...

open_file returns the error code 1.
libraw_strerror says "Unknown error code"
strerror says "Operation not permitted"

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I can send one these file but I don't know how to do since they are mucj bigger than 1MB (around 80MB).
I would like to point out the error does not happen on all IIQ files. I have one much bigger (140 MB) that works well.

Thanks for your help.


Could you please provide

Could you please provide sample file that do not open?

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks for yout fast reply. I

Thanks for yout fast reply. I am going to send you one samle file right now.

I just want to correct something that I said in my first post. Suspecting an authorization problem, I changed the location of the input file : now, I get an error code -2 (Unsupported file format or not RAW file) when using open_file.

Thanks for your reply and for

Thanks for your reply and for taking time to find a solution so quickly.

I have not yet tried to build libRaw from sources, this is not easy for me because I have to use an old version of Visual Studio (2005) for my application. Do you plan to release a 0.18.x version including this fix or will it be in 0.19 ?


0.18 will only security fixes

0.18 will receive only security fixes, no new cameras, sorry.

LibRaw is surely compatible with gcc 4+, clang 3+ (may be 2+ too), Visual Studio 2010+ (not sure about 2008). Most of these tools are available for free (including Visual Studio community edition), so I advise you to switch to current public snapshot (from github), it is stable enough for production use (and we use it for RawDigger and FastRawViewer).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

You may upload sample to some

You may upload sample to some file sharing service (Dropbox, Google drive, WeTransfer/free version, etc) and send link to

Please do not use 'share for' Google/Dropbox service, because it requires account linked to specific email, just 'share for anyone who knows the URL'

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC