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qDslrDashboard is a cross platform application (Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows) for controlling DSLR (Nikon, Canon, Sony) and is using LibRaw for displaying RAW images downloaded from DSLR.

My little LibRaw software

Hi, here is my little software (Freeware) using LibRaw: TOMYO TiltShiftEasy - - a small and easy to use tool to create tilt-shift photo effects. I'm using LibRaw because the compatibility with the various RAW formats is outstanding, besides the project comes with clean/working Visual Studio solution (i really appreciate that). Thanks to all LibRaw developers!



Since 1.5 year I started developing yet another software for astrophotography called "LightDrops". It's still a modest project but I hope it will grow. It's hosted in Github for now:

I'm not a professional software developer, but a solar physicist and astronomer who learned programming on the job. In this project I am being helped by a professional software developer who has taught me the basic principles of software development, just enough to get me started with this project. I aim at uniting simplicity, scientific precision and efficiency, which are often mutually exclusive in our realm. Libraw is essential in the development of this software and I thank the development team for making it available. Don't hesitate to share ideas for this project, should you have any.


I'm planning to use Libraw in

I'm planning to use Libraw in Photo Mate R3 (Android editing software), and switchting from dcraw for better mainability and better camera support.

iToolBox (tentative name at this time)

Under development for OSX 10.11 and later (may be ported to Windows — it's built with Qt, and I'm trying hard to keep it portable by not using anything specific to OSX), available as a free beta (not sure what the eventual release terms will be, but certainly not onerous):


iToolBox is a general-purpose image editor with a non-modal, fast area selection model, a high degree of orthogonality facing the user (learn how to do one thing, you've learned how to do many things), and a powerful layered image system including geometric warp layers.

I expect iToolBox to be mostly feature complete (as far as the current roadmap goes) by the end of June, 2018. New betas are posted most days. I welcome bugs, comments, feature suggestions, etc.

I am using libraw; so far, I've had great success with .CR2 files from my Canon 6D MkI DSLR.

libraw used by Fotoxx

Fotoxx is a photo editor and collection manager for Linux.
Usage: Load RAW files using libraw, edit using Fotoxx (with full bit depth), save as jpeg/png/tiff (8/16 bit color).
Fotoxx home:

Picture Window Pro 8

Picture Window Pro 8 - a free advanced image editor for Windows - now uses LibRaw to open raw files.