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iToolBox (tentative name at this time)

Under development for OSX 10.11 and later (may be ported to Windows — it's built with Qt, and I'm trying hard to keep it portable by not using anything specific to OSX), available as a free beta (not sure what the eventual release terms will be, but certainly not onerous):


iToolBox is a general-purpose image editor with a non-modal, fast area selection model, a high degree of orthogonality facing the user (learn how to do one thing, you've learned how to do many things), and a powerful layered image system including geometric warp layers.

I expect iToolBox to be mostly feature complete (as far as the current roadmap goes) by the end of June, 2018. New betas are posted most days. I welcome bugs, comments, feature suggestions, etc.

I am using libraw; so far, I've had great success with .CR2 files from my Canon 6D MkI DSLR.