output_color = 0 and half_size = 1 gives RGBA-Color

Hi together,

I noticed that libraw outputs RGBA-Color when I set output_color to "raw" and half_size = true.

Is that intended behaviour or a bug? When I change one of these, output is RGB.



could you provide sampe code

could you provide sampe code you use?
The imgdata.image[] arraw is always 4-component (but not RGBA)
The dcraw_make_mem_image() call always creates 3-component output,

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

I can confirm his finding, it

I can confirm his finding, it is in RGBA. This does not only impact dcraw_make_mem_image(), but it also breaks dcraw_ppm_tiff_writer! I am working on Linux 13.04 (libraw v 0.15-0Beta4)
I can also confirm this is *NOT* a problem in OSx 10.9 (libraw v 0.16.0).

I can now confirm this is an issue with <0.16 versions. Update to 0.16 and you are okay.