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Sure, pure CC30-40M (for

Sure, pure CC30-40M (for different cameras) balances Green with Blue. Red channel remains half-stop underexposed.
Combination of something like СС30M plus CC15-20R should result in better channel balance in daylight. The cost is extra filter with extra glare (and one more slot in filter holder).
I'll try this combination when Moscow weather become more sunny :)

Filters on sensor is result of some compromise:

* For shooting in tungsten light (espessially, in 'home' bulbs, not high-temperature halogen ones) you need to lower sensitivity of red. If not, then skin tones will be overexposed. Look at the last chapter of my 'White balance problems' article ( ): green and red (without filters) are near-perfectly balanced under incadescent bulb.

* Also, there is 'High ISO race' now: last Canon/Nikon models have ISO 25600 sensitivity. To lower the signal/noise level, manufactures need to widen filter response curves. And, surely, color characteristics on Canon 5D-2 or Nikon D3 is much worse than on previous generation.

Hope, that 'high color quality' race will start sometime later.....

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC