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Because LibRaw is so widely

Because LibRaw is so widely used, I agree that shared libs looks comfortable. I wanted to delay sharedlibs until LibRaw 1.0, but you're so impatient.

If you can provide patches for, these patches are welcome.

The only question is right shared library versioning.
LibRaw API/ABI does not change within major *stable* release (i.e. 0.12.0-Release and 0.12.5-Release have same API and same control structures layout).
API usually changes within Alpha development cycle (from Alpha1 to Beta1) and may change during Beta cycle (between Beta1 and .0-Release).
Is it better to have permanently incrementing library version (i.e. 0.14.Alpha1 ->so.5.0, Alpha2->so.6.0 and so), or version numbers should be incremented only for -Release libraries?

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC