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It was not our label; it is

It was not our label; it is the most common understanding of the subject we are running across over and over again. We were referring to the article , where they say: "The simple lesson to be learned from this is to bias your exposures so that the histogram is snugged up to the right, but not to the point that the highlights are blown. This can usually be seen by the flashing alert on most camera review screens. Just back off so that the flashing stops." The article was written 5 years ago and for all that time since many do understand it exactly as "no flashing of highlights is allowed". Our standpoint is that the article desperately needs a revision.

Thank you for your comments, they will sure help readers to realise that incorrect application of ETTR rule defeats the purpose an is in fact practising the direct opposite, ETTL.

Iliah Borg