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> people have misunderstood

> people have misunderstood ETTR in the past

Are you saying we are past that misunderstanding? My daily e-mails show direct opposite.

> he issue is that neither cameras not raw processing tools give a convenient method to see the (non white balanced) usage of the three raw sensor channels

The issue is not white balance only, but arbitrary statement of camera sensitivity as well. And channels are four, not three. Acting in presumption that G1=G2 is wrong.

> A solution needs to start outside the camera (and may be adopted, in time, in camera).

Real solution needs to start with the camera as we have less and less unprocessed data in what is commonly referred to as "raw output". Out of camera solutions are on many occasions just crunches as they can't take into account the modifications of data done in camera before the raw is recorded to a memory card.

Iliah Borg