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image scaled to 65535 even with no_auto_bright

I have two dng files taken with an iPhone under same setting and when opened from adobe's photoshop one image is saturated when the other clearly isn't. However when in libraw both images have maximum intensities at 65535.

Here's what I did in libraw. Is there something I did wrong?

1. open_file()
2. set params with no_auto_bright=1 and no_auto_scale=1
3. unpack()
4. dcraw_process()
5. get image with dcraw_make_mem_image()

I don't have a lot knowledge in image processing. What I'm looking for is to get raw intensities (minus black level) up to some scale that is consistent across all images, but these two images seems to have been scaled individually by (65535/maximum_value_per_image) even with no_auto_bright=1.

Any explanation would be really appreciated! I've uploaded these two dng files to google.