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Using libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image

I need to get the image as simple rgb-array and it seems that libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image() is the right function for that.
But how to use it? I mean, what is the minimum output-parameters to set? I tried (in c# with SharpLibRaw):

var handler = libraw_init(LibRaw_init_flags.LIBRAW_OPTIONS_NONE);
libraw_open_file(handler, "DSC08185.ARW");
var pointer = libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image(handler, ref  errc);
var image= PtrToStructure<libraw_processed_image_t>(pointer );
libraw_dcraw_clear_mem(pointer );

Now I have these values in image-struct:

bits	8	ushort
colors	3	ushort
@data	{byte[1]}	byte[]
data_size	72721728	uint
height	4024	ushort
@type	LIBRAW_IMAGE_BITMAP	LibRAW.RAWLib.LibRaw_image_formats
width	6024	ushort

data is unfortunate empty. How to get the rgb-pixels in data?