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1) This is 'linear DNG'

1) This is 'linear DNG' (demosaiced) with 12 bit data
| | 3) BitsPerSample = 12 12 12

So, expected 'real max' value is 4095. In reality it is 4136, that's why LibRaw's decoder warns about data corruption (data value is outside manifested limit)

2) unprocessed_raw sample supports only bayer (not demosaiced) files right now, so you may need to write some code
After LibRaw::open_file() and LibRaw::unpack(), the (unprocessed) data is accessble via
-imgdata.rawdata.color3_image as an array of 3-component pixels
- imgdata.rawdata.color4_image as an array of 4-component pixels (for 3-color DNG, 4th component will be always zero)

Only one pointer is not NULL, check before use.
Historically, Adobe DNG SDK fills colr3_image array, but libraw internal decoder(s) use color4_array

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC