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hmm, not what I see.

This is not what I am seeing.

I have two images, one saturated where the max raw value is 14355 and another unsaturated, where the raw max values are (7560,11708,4489). Turning on interpolation (color_option=0), I get max values of (20055,19270,20076) for the saturated and for the unsaturated (8481,11708,5168). If I turn auto-scale one with user_mul[1.99,1.0,1.77,1.0], I get max values of 65535 for the saturated image (fine, its saturated here also). However, for the unsaturated image, the max values are (55594,49872,39231). So, IN FACT, it did not scale the unsaturated image up to 65535. What does the scaling actually do?