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Hi Alex,

1) Ok, I'll check them out!
2) I found the problem by digging into the code. The values set in user_mul only get applied when no_autoscale is false, i.e. auto_scaling is applied. This is counterintuitive, as setting your own multipliers does not count as auto_scaling, in my opinion. I noticed the pixel values increasing by a lot more than the multipliers I entered though, and it seems to scale the image by a value determined from a sum. Is this ok? Is this consistent from image to image? I.e., if I take a 2x long exposure, will the values scale by a factor of 2 (if gammas=1.0). I will want to combine and do arithmetics with the images and I don't want artificial scales.
3) I see a change when setting output_color=0. That's great. I'll see if it helped with the interpolation.

Thanks again!