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libraw.a not linked well ?

Hello Alex,
Thanks a lot for your job about LibRaw and FastRawViewer !

To solve my problem of using libraw librairy in Windows8.2 / Qt / C++ / MingW64, and according to your answer ( if i understand well )
i just done this :

> mingw32-make - f Makefile.mingw
This create the librairy : libraw.a with my mingw compiler 64 bits
libraw.a is 1183 ko in /lib folder.

In my minimal project !
i declare the librairy, and the Include/header and try to use it : As above in my first message

LibRaw *processor = new LibRaw ;
processor->open_file("C:/Test.cr2") ;

When i compile i still have errors like ; undefined reference to symbols...

I don't understand what is wrong with the linking.

Thanks Alex,