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It gets worse - some .CR2

It gets worse - some .CR2 images from the camera come back with filters set to 0x00000000 so they are interpreted as full colour images not CFA so I can't extract the non-deBayered image data and de-Bayer it myself.

Please could you explain why you felt the need to override the margins as you do here. I understand that this impacts on the code for determing a pixels colour depending on whether you are looking at the full sensor area as compared to the active area - but why is that a problem?

The previous code respected the margins set by the manufacturer whereas you are changing the margins which has a massive impact on this application as previously processed master darks, flats etc will no longer be compatible - this is disastrous as users do not always retain all their original darks, etc. so won't be able to rebuild them.

Sure I could modify open.cpp but that becomes a perpetual problem as we would need to remember to change it every time we refreshed the LibRaw code.

Please, please give a lot of thought to reverting this to previous behaviour - this really is a HUGE compatibility issue.


David Partridge