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GoPro sdk with latest Adobe dng SDK


Thanks very much for libraw and for the latest update!

I'm trying to build libRaw with Gopro raw support against the current Adobe DNG sdk, as explained in README.GoPro.txt, but I can't get it to build. I'm using

I've applied the patches you mentioned. Compilation of gpr_sdk fails with:

gpr/src/source/lib/gpr_sdk/private/gpr.cpp:583:47: error: no member named
'GetGPMFPayload' in 'dng_host'
dng_memory_block* gpmf_payload = host.GetGPMFPayload().Get();

Indeed, GetGPMFPayload() is added in GoPro's version of dng_host. And a couple of more errors, IsVc5Image() and ReadVc5Image() in dng_host. So there must be more patched needed. Do you happen to have them?