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With regard to the GPS information parsed by libraw into...

libraw_gps_info_t parsed_gps;

...the altitude is a float; There's no other info in the header file or the API documentation.

What does this number represent? Meters? Feet? Miles? Something else?

When the info is available, I suggest it be added both to the header file(s) and the API documentation.

You also might want to mention that latitude is -90 to 90, and which sign is E/W, and...
that longitude is -180 to 180, and which sign is N/S, and the GPS...

float gpstimestamp[3] noted in the header file as "/* Deg,min,sec */" ... is that right? Might it not be hours, minutes, seconds? And if that's the case, what does it mean without a date? This one has me simply bewildered. :) Some info needed for the header file and the docs here too, I suspect.