With regard to the GPS information parsed by libraw into...

libraw_gps_info_t parsed_gps;

...the altitude is a float; There's no other info in the header file or the API documentation.

What does this number represent? Meters? Feet? Miles? Something else?

When the info is available, I suggest it be added both to the header file(s) and the API documentation.

You also might want to mention that latitude is -90 to 90, and which sign is E/W, and...
that longitude is -180 to 180, and which sign is N/S, and the GPS...

float gpstimestamp[3] noted in the header file as "/* Deg,min,sec */" ... is that right? Might it not be hours, minutes, seconds? And if that's the case, what does it mean without a date? This one has me simply bewildered. :) Some info needed for the header file and the docs here too, I suspect.




also according to specs

There's a GPS datestamp in the spec too; the timestamp (which is "hour, min, sec", not "deg min, sec") is meaningless without the date.

I still suggest the info (altitude in meters, time in HMS) be added to the header file and the API docs. And for a later rev of the library, I suggest the GPS date be added. Until it is, the GPS time is unanchored in reality.

This documentation additions are just a matter of being clear and preventing the user of the library from having to dig all this up on their own, which is really unnecessary, as this stuff is pretty straightforward as long as it is described.