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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your fast response, looking at the data structure documentation for imgdata.idata.filters, I see this:

unsigned filters;
Bit mask describing the order of color pixels in the matrix (0 for full-color images). 32 bits of this field describe 16 pixels (8 rows with two pixels in each, from left to right and from top to bottom). Each two bits have values 0 to 3, which correspond to four possible colors. Convenient work with this field is ensured by the COLOR(row,column) function, which returns the number of the active color for a given pixel.
values less than 1000 are reserved as special cases:

1 - Leaf Catchlight with 16x16 bayer matrix;
9 - Fuji X-Trans (6x6 matrix)
3..8 and 10..999 - are unused.

Some points are not very clear to me:
-32 bits for 16 pixels, 2bits per pixels to code color, but what is the mapping ? (0->red, 1->green, 2->blue)
-What does this 1-->999 code means ?

I will take a look at the source code tomorrow