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Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

so after quite a lot of coffee, I found some kind of translation method to translate the stacktrace to real code lines. Here's the result:

********** Crash dump: **********
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 0x7246192bb8
Routine fuji_decode_sample_odd(fuji_compressed_block*, fuji_compressed_params const*, unsigned short*, int, int_pair*) at libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp:490
Routine LibRaw::xtrans_decode_block(fuji_compressed_block*, fuji_compressed_params const*, int) at  libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp:727
Routine LibRaw::fuji_decode_strip(fuji_compressed_params const*, int, long long, unsigned int) at libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp:919
Routine LibRaw::fuji_decode_loop(fuji_compressed_params const*, int, long long*, unsigned int*) at libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp:999
Routine LibRaw::fuji_compressed_load_raw() at libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp:983
Routine LibRaw::unpack() at libraw_cxx.cpp:2811 (discriminator 3)
Routine libraw_unpack at libraw_c_api.cpp:130
Routine Java_com_tssystems_Libraw_open at libraw.c:51

For me it seems like the access of the grads array via the gradient variable runs further than the array, but I'm not sure. What do you think? Does any output of the variables may help?

Just a note: The value of the gradient variable before it fails is 2272 which seems way higher than all others (they are around 250). Maybe there's something going wrong here?