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Yes, RawSpeed is LGPL2

Yes, RawSpeed is LGPL2 licensed, that means (at least, in common interpretation) that you need it as separate DLL (or LibRaw+RawSpeed as single DLL).

lossless_jpeg_load_raw() in LibRaw/dcraw is completely different from RawSpeeds. It handles all ljpeg formats at once, while RawSpeed has separate code (subclassing/using own common decoder) for different vendors. LibRaw+RawSpeed combo works perfect now (although we've blacklisted some cameras in LibRaw::unpack()), so why do backport?

'RawSpeed2' testing is in progress now (just managed to get it working under Windows), so I expect support in next snapshot/release.

Sensor temp: could you please provide your patch to backport into LibRaw (my E-mail:

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC